Transcript Information

Copies of your high school transcript are available through the Guidance Office. Your high school transcript includes limited demographic information along with a listing of course titles, final grades, course credit, grade level completed, and the year completed. There are two types of high school transcripts:  “official” and “unofficial.”

Official:  Colleges, universities, businesses and other agencies often require an official transcript. An official transcript is stamped with the school seal. Official transcripts can be sent from Tri-County directly to the college, university, business, or other agency. Therefore, you will need to give us the mailing address.  Official transcripts can also be sent to you so you can forward to the requesting party.

Unofficial:  An unofficial transcript will be sent directly to you for your records. It will be stamped as an unofficial copy. You can email the Guidance Secretary, Dawn McNamara directly to make your request at

Your email must include:
- Name
- Maiden Name (if applicable)
- Year of Graduation
- Date of Birth
- Mail transcript to: (list complete address)

If you have any questions, please call Dawn McNamara at 508-528-5400, ext. 125.