Plumbing Sophomores Install Water Heaters, Sinks & Lavatories

Tri-County’s Plumbing & Hydronic Heating career program provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become plumbing apprentices. Students learn plumbing theory in the classroom under the tutelage of Master Plumbers and then implement the lessons in real-time, giving them hands-on experience resulting in excellent employment opportunities.

Tri-County sophomore Plumbing & Hydronic Heating students are learning the latest technology in installing water heaters, kitchen sinks and lavatories. The students were challenged with interpreting and following drawing dimensions. They installed water heaters with temporary valves, then supplied hot and cold water to either a lavatory or a kitchen sink. They connected the sinks to a drain line so they could test out the water going to the sinks.  They also installed all overhead piping. 

The lesson allowed the students to demonstrate intricate techniques with measuring, cutting and joining copper tubing and fittings.  The water piping system the students installed was installed according to the Massachusetts state plumbing code.