Tri-County Robotics Team TriForce Clinch a Top Spot at Battlecry18 at WPI

Tri-County Robotics team TriForce competed at Battlecry18 at WPI. Perhaps the most exciting post-season competition in New England, Battlecry is an elite competition set apart from most regular season regional competitions.

Starting off at 45th out of 60, the team advanced to the 10th seeded team for the qualifiers. On the second qualifying match, TriForce was flying high with a score of 420 which placed them into 4th seeded alliance for quarterfinals. After 2 exciting matches TriForce advanced to the semifinals.

The drive team of Michael Barba, Tony Figueiredo, Liv Ryan, Erin Thibeault and Vin Polito all worked together very well but unluckily lost 2 out of 3 intense matches and didn't advance.

All of Tri-County and their robotics advisors would like to thank the 2017 Robotics team for exceeding expectations, coming together as a team and giving TriForce the honor of receiving awards at every competition this year.  Go TriForce!