Medical Careers Sophomore Students Receive Alzheimer's Certification

Medical Careers Sophomore students were awarded certificates in the Alzheimer's Association Dementia Care.  The students had to complete 30 hours of the Alzheimer’s Association’s “Caring for People with Alzheimer’s Disease” Habilitation curriculum in order to receive certificates. 

Students learned about Habilitation Therapy (HT), a comprehensive behavioral approach to caring for people with dementia. It focuses not on what the person has lost due to the illness, but on his or her remaining abilities. HT creates and maintains positive emotional states through the course of each day. The dementia patient’s capabilities, independence and morale are consistently engaged to produce a state of psychological well-being. In this way, difficult symptoms can be reduced or eliminated, even as the illness progresses.

Habilitation Therapy also benefits the patient’s family, friends and professional caregivers. The ability to enjoy time together and to share a relationship, activities, and feelings with a person with dementia can be uplifting for everyone involved. HT can reduce much of the stress and workload involved in living with Alzheimer’s Disease and other related dementias.

Students receiving certificates are:  Caroline Aspinwall, Corinne Blasetti*, Christina Brousseau, Emily Brousseau, Adrianna Celeste, MacKenzie Crawford, Andrea DeLeon, Ava DiCenso, Grace Dunnebier, Nathan Glidden, Lia Hall, Kaitlyn Jones, Sarah Killoy, Hannah Lanthier, Maia Lavigne, Carolyn MacPherson, Emma Mangiacotti, Avery McMorran, Gabriella Mills, Olivia Muise, Delaney Myers, Jullian Plante, Justina Sauro*, Katie Udell, Nicole Veader, and Shannon Zogalis.

* Missing from photo.