Engineering and CIS Students visit NASA

On Friday, February 3, twenty Grade 11 Engineering and CIS students traveled to New Jersey to present design prototypes to NASA personnel at the NASA HUNCH Northeast Regional Design Review. Student teams have been working since last September to develop prototypes to solve problems presented to them by the astronauts at NASA's Research Integration Office. Tri-County teams are solving the following issues:
·        Knee board restraint
·        Molds with 3-D Printer
·        Pad Wi-Fi Card Game
·        Mass measuring device
·        Cupola restraint
·        Mouse transport container
Students will be incorporating the feedback they got from NASA personnel and from collaborating with other students at the event into final designs, in an effort to get their designs sent to the International Space Station. The final review and recognition event will be held May 13.  Below are various pictures of students at the event.