Senior Section

Graduation Week Schedule of Events

Note: Students must return all signed permission slips for the Class Trips to the Dean of Students Office by Friday, May 25th.  

* Students who are not planning on attending either or both trips, please return permission slips with your name and write on each slip Not Attending so the school can plan on the correct number of students who will attend, unless you are a student who has obligations such as attendance, you have to either go on the trips or come to school.

Tuesday, May 29th - High Meadows

Students will leave Tri-County at 8:30 AM and return at around 6:00 PM.
* Students will need their own transportation home from school after returning from the class trip.

Wednesday, May 30th -

Students do not have to come to school unless they have that they owe, i.e. grades, physical education or attendance or to come for make-up work or training.

Thursday, May 31st - Odyssey Harbor Cruise

Students will leave Tri-County at 9:45 and return at around 3:00 PM.
*Dress code is dressy casual attire : sundresses, or nice pants and top for females, nice pants and collared shirt for males. Flip-flops and sneakers are discouraged.
** Students will need their own transportation home from school after returning from the class trip.

Friday, June 1st - Graduation Practice

Please be sure that you have NO outstanding obligations including:

  1. Class Fees - Class fees are a total of 250.00 for the 4 years.  If you haven’t paid or don’t know your balance, you may see Mrs. Pruell in the Dean of Student’s office.  Fees must be paid in full to get your cap and gown on Friday, June 1st, 2018.
  2. Attendance - Seniors who have 13 or more unexcused absences must make up the time.  See Mrs. Pruell in the Dean of Student’s office to obtain a makeup sheet.  You then will have the option to make it up with a teacher for extra help, the homework center or extended detention.  Attendance must be made up to graduate.
  3. Books
  4. Tools/equipment borrowed from shop
  5. Locks
  6. Cafeteria - Any outstanding balance due to the Cafeteria must be paid.

** If you have any outstanding obligations, you will not receive your cap and gown.


Graduation - Sunday, June 3rd at 12:00 PM (Noon)

Graduation Day Agenda

10:00 AM    Brunch in the Cafeteria

11:15 AM    Report to the Auditorium

12:00 PM    Graduation Ceremony


Celebrate Graduation/Graduates with a Commemorative Brick

As the students in the Class of 2018 look ahead to graduation, thoughts turn to creating a lasting memory of their time in high school. A commemorative brick is a wonderful way to acknowledge an important event in a student's life and cement a lifelong connection to Tri-County.  Purchase a brick to:

  •       Celebrate Your Graduate or Graduating Class
  •       Honor a loved one
  •       Remember a family member or friend
  •       Observe a special occasion
  •       Leave your personal mark on Tri-County
  •       Display a Business 

Every brick has a story. Write yours and make your mark to become a part of the commemorative walkway at Tri-County. History is in the making, and this is your chance to give a graduate the gift of his/her name forever at Tri-County. 

One hundred percent of the proceeds will go to the Tri-County Education Foundation to support our teachers and students. Together we can make a difference.

Order a Brick by Clicking Here


Place a Personal Ad for in the Tri-County Yearbook for Your Senior

Josten’s yearbook company has extended the deadline to June 15th for Parents to place a personal Ad in the yearbook for their senior.

To Place an Ad, Click Here

More information including FAQs can be found Here


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