School Nurse

  • Phone: 508-528-5400, extension 130
  • Fax: 508-528-6074 (Attn: School Nurse)

The School Health Program is open every school day. It is staffed by two nurses certified by the Massachusetts Department of Education.


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Reminders from the nurses:


* If your child has a fever (100.4 or greater), please keep him/her home until their temperature is normal for 24 hours without the help of fever reducing medication.
* Please keep your child home from school if (s)he has vomiting or diarrhea.
* A child with pink eye, conjunctivitis should stay home until (s)he is on the medicine for 24 hours.


* No medication, prescription or over the counter, may be dispensed without the written order of a licensed physician and parental consent. All orders must be renewed each school year.
*  All medications must be in the original container, properly labeled, with valid dates, and delivered to the school by a responsible adult.
*  Medication not retrieved by the end of the year will be destroyed.


*If you received a letter saying that your child is missing a vaccine or failed a vision, hearing or scoliosis screening with us, please follow up with his/her doctor and submit a copy of that visit to us.
*Massachusetts state law requires all high school students have a physical by the end of 10th grader. Please submit a copy if you haven't already.